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Dinner Menu

頭檯 Appetizer

  1. Combination Platter (Soybean Sheet, BBQ Pork, Tofu, Sweet & Sour Wheat Gluten) 慧膳拼盤 (素鵝、素叉燒、豆乾、甜酸麵根) $14.99 (L) $7.99 (S)
  2. Steamed Dumpling (10pc) 素水餃 $6.99
  3. Fried Spring Roll (3pcs) 炸春卷 $3.99
  4. Fried Curry Potato Triangle (5pcs) (Samosa) 咖哩角 $7.99
  5. Fragrant Crispy Chicken鹽酥雞 $8.99
  6. Chicken Nuggets (6pcs) 炸雞塊 $8.99
  7. Drumstick w/Sweet & Sour Sauce (4pcs) 小雞腿 $8.99
  8. Fried Taro Cake (6pcs) 荔芋酥餅 (六塊) $8.99
  9. Spicy Wonton  (8 pcs) 紅油抄手$7.99
  10. Salt & Pepper Fried Pumpkin 椒鹽南瓜 $9.99
  11. Crispy Tofu w/ Salt & Chili Peppers 椒鹽豆腐粒 $7.99
  12. Golden Basket : Deep fried Vegetables Tempura, Veggie Nugget, Crispy Soy Chicken & Won Ton (4 pcs each) 炸寶藍 $18.99
  13. Fried Won Ton (8pcs) 炸雲吞 $5.99
  14. Veggie Sticky Rice Dumplings 素粽 $6.00
  15. Veggie Duck 素鵝 $6.99

湯類Soup (S) For 2-3 People (L) For 4-6 People

  1. Veggie Shark’s Fin Soup慧膳素翅 $9.99 (S) $14.99 (L)
  2. Hot & Sour Soup 酸辣湯 $8.99 (S) $10.99 (L) http://sweetclipart.com/multisite/sweetclipart/files/red_chili_pepper.png
  3. Hot and Sour Soup w/ Won Ton (4pcs / 8pcs) 酸辣雲吞湯 $9.99 (S) $12.99 (L) http://sweetclipart.com/multisite/sweetclipart/files/red_chili_pepper.png
  4. Won Ton Soup w/ vegetables and mushroom (6pcs / 10pcs) 雲吞湯 $8.99 (S) $11.99 (L)
  5. Sweet Corn w/ Tofu Soup 粟米豆腐湯 $8.99 (S) $10.99 (L)
  6. Thai Style Soup (Tom Yum Sauce w/ Tomato, Soft Tofu, Baby Corn & Mushroom) 冬陰功湯 $8.99 (S) $10.99 (L) http://sweetclipart.com/multisite/sweetclipart/files/red_chili_pepper.png
  7. Vegetable Tofu Soup (Tofu, Mushroom, Vegetables and Pumpkin) 雜菜豆腐湯 $8.99 (S) $10.99 (L)
  8. Reishi Medicine Soup (Reishi, Huai Shan, Jizi, Dang Seng, Bei Qi, Hong Zhao and more) 靈芝養生藥材湯 ( 靈芝、淮山、杞子、黨參、北 芪、紅棗) $9.99 (S) $14.99 (L)

** (S) 2-3 ppl (L) 4-6 ppl**

Chef’s Special廚師推介​

  1. Lettuce Wrapped w/ Shredded Mushroom, Soy Chicken,Tofu,etc.$16.99 鴿鬆生菜包(8 pcs)
  2. Braised Spareribs w/ Broccoli 紅燒素排骨$14.99
  3. Taro, Pumpkin & fatty pork w/ bean sauce 南乳南瓜荔芋扣肉$16.99
  4. Savory Soy Sauce Soy Chicken With Bok Choy 玫瑰豉油素雞$15.99
  5. Walnut Prawns w/ Mayonnaise Sauce (non-vegan)核桃蝦仁$17.99
  6. Mixed Mushroom, Pumpkin & String Beans 雜菌炒南瓜 ,四季豆$16.99
  7. General Cho’s Chicken 左宗雞 $14.99

House Special素菜精選

  1. Lemon sauce Fillet 檸檬魚塊$13.99
  2. Fried Chicken w/ Lemon Sauce 西檸雞扒$13.99
  3. Sweet & Sour Soy Chicken w/ Bell Peppers & Pineapple甜酸雞$13.99
  4. Cuttlefish w/ Chinese Satay Sauce & Basil(花開富貴) 沙茶腰花$13.99

***35. Coconut Sauce w/ Taro, Soy Chicken & Pumpkin 椰汁香芋、南瓜 、芝麻雞$13.99

  1. Broccoli Beef 西蘭花牛肉 $13.99
  2. Black Bean Sauce w/ String Beans & Veggie Chicken 豉汁炒四季豆雞絲$13.99
  3. String Beans w/ Soy Beef with Chinese Satay Sauce & Basil 沙茶炒四季豆牛肉片$13.99
  4. String Bean w/ Soy Sea Bass in Black bean Sauce 豉汁炒四季豆雪鱼$13.99
  5. Sliced Fatty Pork w/ Sweet Mustard Greens & Napa Cabbage梅菜扣肉(家肥屋潤)$14.99
  6. Eggplant w/ Sea Bass (年年有餘) 茄子雪魚$14.99
  7. Eggplant & String Beans w/Black Bean Sauce 豆豉茄子四季豆 $13.99
  8. ***Veggie Deluxe(Napa Cabbage, Mushroom, Baby Corn, Broccoli, Fungus) 羅漢上素$13.99
  9. ***Lotus Root,   Fungus, Peas & Ginko Nuts 田園風光 (蓮藕小炒 )$14.99
  10. ***Stir Fried Mixed Green Vegetables(Mustard Green, Bok Choy & Broccoli)清炒雜菜$13.99
  11. ***Stir Fried Pea Sprouts w/ Ginger 薑炒大豆苗$15.99
  12. Fried Tofu w/ Brown sauce and Pea Sprouts 紅燒豆腐扒豆苗$19.99
  13. Basil Soy Chicken w/ Mixed green vegetables 三杯素雞$13.99
  14. Braised Spareribs w/ Dai Kon 蘿蔔素腩煲$13.99
  15. Taro Lamb w/ Taro and Satay Sauce 沙茶芋頭南瓜素腩 $14.99

​​ Tofu and Bean Curd 豆腐、腐皮類

  1. Basil Tofu w/ Mixed green vegetables 三杯豆腐 $13.99
  2. Eggplant, Tofu & Basil w/ Satay Sauce 九層塔沙茶炒茄子豆腐 $13.99
  3. Pumpkin, String Beans, Tofu in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁南瓜豆仔豆腐 $13.99
  4. ***Bean Curd Pouch w/ Napa Cabbage & Green Vegetable 三色腐包 $13.99
  5. String Bean w/ Homemade dry tofu 豆仔豆乾 $13.99
  6. Bean Curd Rolls w/ vegetables (stuffed w/ Cabbage, Mushrooms) 法海蒲團 $13.99
  7. Braised”Bean Curd Tofu” w/ Vegetables & Mushroom 紅燒百頁豆腐 $13.99
  8. Gluten, Shiitake Mushroom, Tofu & Green Vegetables 紅燒豆腐、冬菇、麵根 $13.99
  9. ***Golden Knots (Tofu, Mushroom, Vegetable wrapped by Soybean Sheets) 素皇雀 $14.99
  10. ***Fresh Mushroom w/ Fried Soft Tofu & Vegetables 鮮菇扒炸滑豆腐伴西蘭花 $16.99

Spicy 辣味

61. Curry Lamb w/ Potatoes & vegetables 咖哩羊$14.99

62. ***Curry Pumpkin Tofu & Mixed Vegetables 咖哩南瓜豆腐$13.99
63. Kung Pao Chicken w/ Peppers, Broccoli & Peanuts宮保雞丁$13.99
64. Mongolian Soy Beef w/ Peppers & Broccoli in a Spicy Sauce 蒙古素牛片$13.99
65. Braised String Beans w/ Spicy Chilli Sauce 乾扁四季豆$13.99
66. Eggplant in Spicy Chilli Sauce 愉香茄子$13.99
67. Spicy Ma Po Tofu 麻婆豆腐$13.99
68. Kung Pao Tofu w/ Peppers, Peanuts & Broccoli 宮保豆腐$13.99
69. Kung Pao Lamb w/ Peppers , Peanuts & broccoli 宮保羊 $14.99
70. Twice Cook Pork(Cabbage, Tofu, pepper & veggie Pork)回鍋素片$14.99Chow Mein炒麵

71. House Special Chow Mein w/ BBQ Pork & Veggie Ham 慧膳炒麵 $12.99

72. Vegetables Chow Mein 青菜炒麵$12.99
73. Veggie Chicken Chow Mein w/ Black Pepper 黑椒雞絲炒麵$12.99
74. Singapore Style Chow Rice Vermicelli (Curry Flavour) 星洲炒米$12.99
75. Stir Fried E-Mein Noodle with Enoki Mushroom (non-vegan)金菇干燒伊麵$14.99
76. Braised E-Mein Noodle with Veggie Deluxe (non-vegen) 羅漢上素炆伊麵$16.99
77. Preserved Mustard Greens stir Fried Rice Cake 雪菜炒年糕$13.99湯麵Noodle Soup

78. Won Ton Noodle Soup w/ Vegetables & soy ham 雲吞湯麵$11.99

79. Veggie Chicken, Green Vegetables w/ Noodle Soup 雞絲青菜湯麵$11.99
80. Curry Tofu Udon Soup w/ vegetables咖哩青菜豆腐烏冬$11.99
81. ***Thai Style Spicy & Sour Soup w/ Rice Vermicelli 泰式酸辣湯米粉$11.99
***** From 71-81 You can choose Noodle or  Rice Vermicelli or Udon Noodle 可選米粉/烏冬*****
82. Spicy Tan Tan Noodle w/ Peanut Sauce 担担面  $11.99


83. House Special Fried Rice w/BBQ Pork & Veggie Ham 慧膳炒飯$12.99
84. Curry Fried Rice w/ Soy Chicken 咖哩炒飯$12.99
85. ***Green Vegetables Fried Rice 青菜炒飯$12.99
86. ***Chicken Fried Rice  雞粒炒飯$12.99
87. ***Spinach & Pine Nuts Fried Rice 菠菜鬆子仁炒飯$14.99
88. Steamed White Rice (Per Bowl) 白飯$2.00
89. Steamed Brown Rice (Per Bowl) 糙米飯$2.50
*** From 83-87 You can substitute to Brown Rice Extra $1.50可選糙米飯加$1.50 *****Please always alert your server to any food allergies or ingredient aversions, we are happy to accommodate whenever possible! Pictures are only for reference. Seasonal Vegetables Upon Available only. Any change without notice.

18% gratuity will charge for parties of six or more.

**** is Gulten Free dishes, please help for remark on the side***