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50 Best Chinese
in the United States


50 Best Chinese
in the United States

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Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

San Francisco Vegetarian Restaurant

The owners of Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant have brought a taste of China to the heart of your local San Francisco neighborhoods. We have been completely dedicated to consistently delivering savory, flavorful, and kosher vegetarian dishes to the growing vegetarian community of the Bay Area. Our commitment to serving each plate with thoughtful, responsible and ethical cooking has made our San Francisco vegetarian restaurant Top 7 American Best Chinese Restaurants by CNN Travel in 2017.

We are a family owned and operated restaurant driven by a passion for sharing what is on our table with your family. Our guests can rely on our traditional Buddhist preparation methods for a dining experience that is unmatched in San Francisco. We put our energy into creating quality Chinese cuisine that also adheres to kosher practices.

Chinese Restaurant & Kosher Foods

Our food is served with environmentally friendly ingredients. Made fresh to order with Chinese influences, we put thought and care into each of our dishes. As with many kosher and vegetarian dishes, the recipes for our dishes are indicative of our dedication to providing meals that support and sustain the earth. Each of our 125 dishes starts with using only the finest ingredients, resulting in delicious meals that keep our customers coming back for more.

Our menu satisfies a wide range of taste buds and includes:

  • No MSG
  • Egg-free and dairy-free dishes
  • Dishes free of leek, garlic and onion
  • Dishes made with whole natural soy protein
  • Dishes made with soy product substitutions, including yam or mushroom

At Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant, our meals are authentic and unique. Our dishes are made under kosher supervision and our globally influenced flavors have earned us a nomination for Best Vegan Restaurant in San Francisco. If you have an allergen or ingredient preference, some ingredients may be subject to substitution to comply with your dietary needs.

Food with You in Mind

Please contact us to place your order! We have two restaurants in San Francisco so feel free to come visit us at the location nearest you.